Knitting Math Wizard

Knitting Math Wizard 1.0

A calculation program for hand knitting pattern designs
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Spacing out button holes, figuring out how much a cable will pull in your gauge, or determining the placement of increases and decreases for the garment you are knitting can be difficult when you're hand knitting, but I found that Knitting Match Wizard can be a good solution for knitting calculations. This useful tool will calculate where you should place your buttonholes evenly, as well as count your yardages, pattern placements and gauges.

Using the program couldn't be easier. For example, if your knitting pattern requires that you increase a number of stitches evenly across a row, simply input the number of stitches on your needles into the Knitting Math Wizard, then enter the number of increases, and the program will quickly generate a checklist for you showing your increases evenly spaced across the row. For space decreases, whether flat or round, horizontal, vertical or diagonal, simply input your figures in a similar manner, and the wizard will calculate it for you. This handy program will estimate and calculate yardage for you, where to place panels, motifs, repeating patterns and many more knitting mathematical challenges. In addition, you can use it as a word processor which allows you to save your files in rich text format for opening in any word processor or even in your PDA. You can view your data onscreen or print it out. The full program includes an extensive help file.

R. Fernandez
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  • Also includes a mini word processor


  • Demo has no help file
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